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You must also pay for your own travel to the United States and have a place to stay while you are here.

International patients planning to travel to the United States for cancer treatment should contact the U. embassy or consulate in their home country for visa eligibility and application procedures.

Cancer research at the NIH Clinical Center takes place within the National Cancer Institute’s Center for Cancer Research’s clinical program and the Division of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis (DCTD) Developmental Therapeutics Clinic.

The Center for Cancer Research is NCI’s in-house cancer center.

The NIH Clinical Center is a unique hospital that it is devoted to research with people.

Unlike most hospitals, the Clinical Center does not provide standard diagnostic and treatment services.

It conducts early-phase clinical trials of novel cancer treatment agents for patients with advanced cancer who may have no other standard treatment options.

Even though most costs are covered, it is important for you to maintain health insurance while receiving treatment at the Clinical Center, since you many need coverage for medical care that is required outside of the trial or that is provided away from the Clinical Center.

Then, contact a member of the research team listed in the trial summary to discuss a screening visit or to request more information.