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28-Jul-2017 17:07

Je passe ma main dans son dos, il sursaute un peu la caresse légère de mes doigts a dû lui procurer un petit frisson, j’ai envie de lui, mais pas la même envie que d’habitude, cette fois-ci, je veux partager de l’amour passionnel.

Ma bouche se dirige vers son cou, je lui fais pleins de bisous, et je le vois se tordre de plaisir.

Je continue mon petit jeu avec mes doigts, Romain se retourne, puis m’embrasse.

Je réponds à son invitation et l’imite en jouant avec nos langues.

Either I was much smarter than Beth, or she had sucked me in, showed me exactly what she wanted me to see, and now had me charted, categorized, and processed. Beth being a proper whore appreciated that in me, but she was the one who drove the car, if you know what I mean? It was the kind of place where the bartender was ten years clean from an opiates addiction but still kept in contact with all his shady connections.

If tonight she wanted to be bent over and taken I took her. She gave me things I couldn’t have gotten on my own. ”“Asshole, I know you check your phone every 10 seconds. It was the kind of place where the security guy sold coke in the bathroom. I took my usual role when out with Beth, sitting back, watching her operate. ” I asked Michael while eyeing Beth miss hit a cue ball off the side of her cue stick, a cigarette held firmly between her lips.“Yeah, she was pretty much the only person who talked to me back then," Michael responded.“I can see that. She talks to everyone and still has a way of making you feel special.”“Yup. At they turned the lights up high and told people to leave. At AM, Michael, Beth and I, were all that was left. When she was finished with me she pushed my wrist up.

I suspect the tale was exaggerated, but, I also wouldn’t be surprised if every word was true. It was a good rule of thumb to always give into Beth, but never right away.

I liked that she wanted to be the center of attention. She drew you in so she could control your position in her world. This information will be important to keep in mind for later on in my recounting of events.

She would snatch the nearest drink, take two big gulps, set the glass down, and began to talk like her jaw was broken, drooling from the corners of her mouth.

Groups of people flocked to her, laughing as she told one vulgar story after another.