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We will let you an estimate for when work is being done and we will always message you when we have completed your work.On the rare occasion we haven't gotten back to you please be rest assured the work was done as requested & feel free to shoot us an email asking.

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The more personal the effect the better (We prefer Hair/nails/skin scrapings) Because they're from the body All communications we have these days is done online mainly for the convenience, it is easier for us to read every detail from an Email than, jotting it down as we listen on the phone.Plus, we can always go back to old messages if needed.We always reply to every message we receive so, it might be in your Spam folder.You MAY get movement but, IT IS NOT EASY as Spell work is used to influence a target and spell work will not be much use on influencing a mind that is already under the influence.

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This depends as it is better to send them to us & let us put them in during ritual but if you can't do that we will make a small pocket on the doll for you to insert yourself.

However we do revenge Spells, Hexes & Curses with the wording & intent that it only effects the guilty. But, if they are innocent & not caused you harm no harm shall come to them.