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22-Nov-2017 19:26

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sorry for my negative feedbacks, it just irritates me.Cha Ye-ryun (born Park Hyun-Ho on July 16, 1985) is a South Korean actress.The two got to know each other through gatherings with mutual acquaintances.

In addition to his films and television career, he has appeared in music videos of various South Korean artists.However, Cha Ye Ryun’s agents told Star News that they were completely unaware of the relationship, and are in the midst of trying to contact her. Lee Dong Gun is returning to his musical roots this month by releasing an album in Japan called KP’s note: Oh my goodness.Not that I care, but this must be a publicity stunt – the album is being released TODAY (March 4) in Japan.Since I now assume that this was his intention, I’ll play along and post his album cover.

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[color=blue;font-weight:bold;] MODBREAK[/color]This topicstart is a stub. It either does not invite any discussions or the topicstarter asks for opinions without stating his/her own. Meaning, the topicstarter has to pay attention on his/her topics. is this the girl who's lee dong gun's dating with? Cause there is a hot gossip on going right now in Korean celebrities's world.Around 11pm on March 8, they were seen shopping at Kim’s Club in Jamwon-dong.

There’s a twist though: after you match, you only have 24 hours to start the conversation, otherwise he’ll disappear forever.… continue reading »

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Today, the National Institute of Mental Health reports that SAD afflicts approximately 15 million American adults. If someone’s shyness “has caused impairment in his life,” then it’s a disorder, says Barrie Rosen, a clinical psychologist in Manhattan.* Picture the person who can’t ask for directions without succumbing to a panic attack, who sweats profusely upon entering a grocery store, never mind a party.… continue reading »

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