Cisco wireless validating identity

17-Aug-2017 23:56

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I'd start by reviewing the event logs on your IAS server for reasoning as to why it's not authenticating your client.

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Moderate-risk applications should be subject to automated runtime vulnerability testing and source-code review with manual verification.

Low-risk applications may simply need to undergo runtime vulnerability testing and, time permitting, manual verification.

Security managers should ensure applications undergo security assessments, as applications have quickly become a favorite vector of malicious attackers seeking to disrupt day-to-day business activities or infiltrate corporate defenses to steal sensitive data.

In this tip, we'll add some clarity to the enterprise application security assessment process by outlining the techniques used to review applications and comparing and contrasting strategic paradigms for application assessments.

Remember that profiling applications is often time consuming and hard to perfect, so rather than forcing yourself to get all data for all applications, try to stick to a limit for how much time to spend gathering info on each app.

Your scoring methodology should be tolerant of imperfect information and should be able to rank applications against each other even if you have a deeper understanding of one versus another.

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Once those apps are identified, comprehensive automated and manual runtime vulnerability assessments can be performed. The Steam Roller Approach: Often when organizations realize the risks posed by The Big Bang Approach, they decide to broaden their comprehensive testing initiative to more applications during a longer period of time.For example, "Add 25 points for Internet-facing applications," "Subtract 5 points for applications that don't share data or interfaces with any other applications," etc.

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