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I love watching Lee Min Ho shows even though i'm not a huge fan of him. Whenever I watch The legend of the Blue Sea, aside from the flow of the story, I am always looking forward for Tae-Ho. he is so fantastic i like shin won ho very much and he is my ultimate crush in kpop and he is the member of cross gene band......... Just predicting on a slight chance on what's about to happen... Didn't he also do like a mini drama in Japan with Takuya (another member in CROSS GENE) or was that a CF? .acting is really good i hope u will have bright future..that at the end.didnt gave the ending to u.. And I was so mad and felt so crazy you even didn't show at that time! Hope you will be given more TV dramas and your group will be successful too!! This is the first time that I admire a korean actor. I remember something dramatic happened like a kidnapping or gun fight. i was waiting til teacher n u to get back..i mean the real u... i think your role in BVS (as chan-sol) is better than your role in Big (as gyeong-jun). When I watch the drama, I thought he was so handsome!

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They played against Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors and Seth Curry with Dallas Mavericks. So just give respect, these guys are awesome and deserve to be seen more in Kdrama or Kmovies. WHY OHHH WHYYYYY ;__; First time i saw you in cheese in the trap drama and i thought that you are Lee jung shin or maybe you are his younger brother, but after i browsed at Google, actually you two are two different people.. I Love you Shin, I hope that you and cross gene will receive more love and attention. You really captivated me from the moment i laid my eyes on you.I want to see you act as the leading man because you are such a good actor. Marry me Senpai wahahahaha Saranghae oppa I love you very much muah! I really wanted to see you...i love the way you smile and that smile makes me smile too... I watched your role at Thea legend of the blue sea... The moment you kiss cha si ah I don't know why but I feel jealous... You look so young though, that i thought you're only 18. When I saw him first time, my heart beated so fast n loud. But he kinda looks like "L" from Infinite Whatever, I love him oooooo ,, Won ho like sleeping prince n so cute ,, that was suzy's said ,, But why he just sleep all the time ,, 8ep n still sleep ,, I hope he wake at 9ep ,, Lov won ho ,, uhh ohh#lov when he say that is "bachelor's vegetable store" your first performance ? you added a kind of "idol-cute-and-nice-guy" touch to the drama Keep going! He can convey emotion through expression and by that I think he's a good actor. So much love to you and LSK, I pray that you end up dating!! I love you keep doing what your doing bc it makes me happy :) I seriously think that he deserves more screen time aka getting a better character.

Honestly to all the K-Drama that I've watched WFKBJ is my favorite. I can see if his character is happy, sad, surprised, hurt, in love just by seeing his eyes. Dont mind the ratings, there are lots of international fans that support this drama and I'm definitely one of them!! And I loved him then he started to act in many more dramas that became a hit and I felt SOOO proud of him. Please have more dramas and collaborations with Sung Kyung unnie in the future! ^.^ hi oppa,i really hope u will visit philippines someday with your band,cross gene, more movies to come, i cant wait but i know u are busy with your band so..visit phillipines if u have time.....u oppa.......mwauhh Waaahhh oppa i really love .. I really like you in BIG and LOTBS youre so damn hot in BIG oppa wish i could see u in person oppa please visit us here in philipines .. Everytime I see you, my eyes were sparkling :) There's a glance in your eyes Cutie . I really loved is when you wear that cutie eye glasses & your blushing :) #LOTBShighlights He is so cute in the drama LOTBS where as in cross gene he is super hot! they are so underrated and I hate the fact that people just dont wanna give a listen to them..least through this I hope people find abt cross gene and support them :) Cand Y (cross gene and you - fandom name) when i started watching legend of blue sea aloved it so much but the only one who caught my eye sight was him i was like ooooo who is he whats his real name oh my god he is so cute and the drama moves and it suits him the cool role he is a good actor ☺♥☺☺♥☺☺♥ He said that Apink's Eunji is his ideal type, before right? I'm not sure if he still consider her as his ideal type now. Eunji is good in acting and I believe that Shin is good too. (just saying) from the beginning of lotbs, he feels so familiar. he always join super handsome live every year, so why i forgot him? When i first saw him,,, the first word come that he was so cute,.... hope you'll come here in the Philippines with ur group Cross Gene!! Shin Won Ho, I Love You very much shin won ho 'cause you look so handsome and cute but I also want to know your attitude I hope you are kind to everyone please consider me as your fan I hope that you group, CROSS GENE will have a concert here in Philippines so that I can see you in person and thank you for entertaining all your fans by your movies please be humble and I LOVE YOU Well he's quite good in some recurring roles. Probably starring as an idol/high school student again... When i saw you in big, I was waiting for you and felt sucks to know you just sleeeppp all over the drama!!! So its Cross Gene and I saw you video in know that you can also sing and dance.