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The final list resulted in 118 articles dedicated to investigate psychometric performance of the BDI-II. Measurement invariance and latent mean differences of the Beck Depression Inventory II across gender groups. For the sake of comparison between similar investigations, the studies were grouped by sample recruitment source as: non-clinical (k = 47); psychiatric/institutionalized (k = 37); or medical samples (k = 34). Within this context, we carried out a search of articles dealing with the psychometric properties of the BDI-II. This review is not intended to be a systematic review or meta-analysis, but a synopsis of the subject matter addressing the feasibility of using BDI-II in different population samples. The following Me SH terms were used to filter relevant studies: psychometrics and depression.

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Methods Both investigators, with previous experience in psychometric instruments, searched MEDLINE and Psyc INFO databases.

The following non-psychometric article types were left out: clinical trials, editorials, letters, meta-analyses, practice guidelines, randomized controlled trials, and case reports. All retained articles were read for exclusion of additional criteria: non-psychometric studies; other versions of the BDI; small samples (fewer than 30 participants), unless the study addressed a very important problem, such as between-version comparison or content analysis.

Secondary analyses of previously reported datasets were excluded.

This version was modified to reword and replace some items.

Four items of the BDI-IA that proved less sensitive for identification of typical symptoms of severe depression - weight loss, distorted body image, somatic preoccupation, and inability to work - were dropped and replaced by agitation, worthlessness, difficulty concentrating, and energy loss to assess a distinctive degree of intensity of depression.

Conclusions: The BDI-II is a relevant psychometric instrument, showing high reliability, capacity to discriminate between depressed and non-depressed subjects, and improved concurrent, content, and structural validity. Dolle K, Schulte-Körne G, O'Leary AM, von Hofacker N, Izat Y, Allgaier AK.