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” That 4-pound preemie, born two months early, is now quite a sturdy boy of almost seven, but the sting of that long-ago remark came back instantly when I read a new report titled “Insensitive Comments And Their Impact On Preemie Mothers.” Compiled by an on-line community hosted by the company Inspire, it aims to document the emotional damage that wrongheaded remarks can wreak, and help the public do better. Unfortunately, while the concept of postpartum depression is now very well recognized in the medical profession, the concept of a premature birth and a NICU hospitalization as a trauma is not one that is commonly thought of by health care providers.

About 12% of American babies are born prematurely — a half-million babies a year — posing quandaries to all who know the parents. Research at our institution has suggested that as many as 40% of mothers may develop posttraumatic stress symptoms within the first few weeks of their child’s birth.

Discussing her early labour with the Mirror, Kayleigh explains how she was in hospital for six days before giving birth due to severe stomach pains and dilation.

The little boy, who was born at 26 weeks, is captured in the footage smiling ever so subtly.“You’re so lucky that you didn’t have to go through the end of pregnancy! “At least, with the baby in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit), you can get rest at night! But the Inspire report documents surprisingly deep, broad impact from insensitive remarks. “Now that you have her home and off all that medical equipment, everything will be fine.” What harm can an insensitive remark do?Their mother, who also has a daughter and gave birth at 25 weeks, didn't get to hold the boys for weeks and said it's the hardest thing she's ever been through.

Whilst she had a straight-forward pregnancy, the boys were immediately put in incubators and are both on oxygen.

Rachel and Allen Burton, from the Isle of Wight, also feature in the moving advert.