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Election return broadcasts had been a tradition since shortly after the development of radio, although due to technical limitations initially they could only be done using Morse code, which greatly limited the potential audiences.

Prior to World War I, Frank Conrad had operated an experimental radiotelegraph station, with the callsign 8XK. He used the knowledge gained during the wartime period to upgrade his station to begin making audio transmissions, and became well known among radio amateurs for his experimental activities.Its primary competitor in this effort was the Radio Corporation of America (RCA), which had recently been formed as a subsidiary by Westinghouse's arch rival, the General Electric Company of Schenectady, New York, using the assets of the Marconi Company of America. In order to strengthen the company's patent position, especially related to receivers, he spearheaded the purchase of the International Radio Telegraph Company, primarily to gain control of a "heterodyne" patent originally issued to Reginald Fessenden, and also arranged for the purchase of the commercial rights to the regenerative and superheterodyne patents held by Edwin Howard Armstrong.

Czarnoruś kojarzy się dziś bardziej z podniecającym eksterminowaniem zombie w modyfikacji „Day Z”, niż z mocną wypowiedzią o polityce i przygnębiającej codzienności konfliktów.… continue reading »

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