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27-Sep-2017 11:28

And the great thing is, whether you prefer chatting extensively with your new crush first or a little fantasy in your play, there are diverse options to suit your every whim and desire.

There are a surprising number of ways that criminals can use your personal information to commit fraud.

It can happen, if someone commits a crime and gives your name to the cops.

Of course it’s rare—but here’s what the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse says you should do if it happens to you.

In a world of astronomical medical costs, insurance is very valuable.

So it’s no surprise that medical identity theft is on the rise.

In perhaps the scariest online scam of our age, cybercriminals will use a “ransomware” virus to encrypt all of your computer files, then refuse to decrypt the files until you wire them thousands of dollars.

(Yes, this happened on “The Good Wife.”) The worst part?

It can take a lot of time and money to set things straight.To protect yourself, hone your BS radar—would your second cousin really ask you to wire money to Amsterdam without calling first?You need to file your taxes by April 15, but the IRS won’t check your return against your employer’s until July. With your Social Security number and name, an identity thief can file a fake tax return and collect the refund.They’ve been made viewable to you personally regardless of if they are deleted on the tracked device itself.

Track GPS Place: Guest Spy could be set up to track GPS location of your goal phone.When most people talk about identity theft, this is what they’re really afraid of—not that someone will steal their credit card number, or their banking login, or the password to their email—but that someone will steal their Social Security number and start opening new accounts all over the place.