Moving in after 6 months dating

24-Jul-2017 07:51

Da Vinci destroyed the clean white of a canvas to give us his famous Mona Lisa.

Shiva’s energy is present every day in our kitchens as we destroy vegetables, meat, herbs and spices to create dishes to sustain us.

These remnants of my life seem to quake me out of ‘right now,’ exposing feelings and sensations with which I’m no longer familiar. As I turn them over, one by one, the inspiration for them reveals itself, jettisoning me back to that time.

Venetian Dreams with a gondola emerging from a framed tunnel, a pomegranate suspended in the air, sends me back to sketching Renaissance windows at a canal-side café.

We’re all normal, thriving, gorgeous, super-smart, dope-ass ladies, but we had to do it.

I think that if I were like married to the first person that I banged or my first boyfriend — if I never had a Hoe Phase — I think that I would be wanting for it, even though I’m not married, and I’m super single, and I’m 33.

And still I know, from 71 years of living, that once I’ve moved, this life will melt into the background of my past, and I’ll be fully present and ensconced in the new one.They all bring bits of our time together into temporary focus, like a slide show across a screen.

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Articles arrived in all formats and styles — long, short, poetic, analytical, reflexive, critical, based on empirical research, on literary texts, on theoretical discussions, on testimony, on interviews — very much along the inclusive lines of Portuguese Literary & Cultural Studies.… continue reading »

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Taking medication early may also lower the chances of passing HIV to other people. AIDS occurs when a person's immune system has been severely weakened by HIV.… continue reading »

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