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23-Nov-2017 05:56

Often there is doom and gloom around modern relationships and dating.

Sometimes the church can feel overwhelmed and irrelevant.

Scientists, psychologists, anthropologists and other experts, often research love and human emotions.

This research doesn’t need to stand against the church and biblical teaching, but can offer an insight into culture, relationships, and modern trends for christians and the church. I find listening to a range of topics very interesting (but lots of them are about sport! Recently I came across a talk by Helen Fisher, an anthropologist who studies human behaviours, and an expert in ‘love’.

Marriage happens after people feel like they have found the right person, rather than it being the start of getting to know someone.

However, I believe christians can speak into this area in a really helpful, relevant and powerful way.

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Marriage is something that signals commitment beyond just sharing a house.And while 86% of societies say men can have multiple wives, only 5-10% of men in those societies do.

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