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Palynological data, carrying important clues on the barrow environment, are available for hundreds of excavated mounds in the Netherlands.

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8.4 Putten8.4.1 Site description and sample locations; 8.4.2 Results and discussion; 8.5 Vierhouten; 8.5.1 Site description and sample locations; 8.5.2 Results and discussion; 8.6 Emst; 8.6.1 Site description and sample locations; 8.6.1 Results and discussion; 8.7 Uddelermeer; 8.7.1 Site description and sample locations; 8.7.2 Results and discussion; 8.8 Boeschoten; 8.8.1 Site description and sample locations; 8.8.1 Results and discussion; 8.9 Ugchelen; 8.9.1 Site description and sample locations; 8.9.1 Results and discussion; 8.10 Stroe; 8.10.1 Results and discussion.proefschrift ter verkrijging van de graad von Doctor aan de Universiteit Leiden, op gezag van Rector Magnificus Surprisingly, little is known about the landscape in which the barrows were situated and what role they played in their environment.

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Methods of analysis Results and discussion; Conclusions; 7.3 The distance of a barrow to the forest edge -- palynological modelling; Barrow landscape simulation; 7.4 Discussion; Part Three; Case-studies; Northern and central Veluwe; 8.1 Echoput; 8.1.1 Site description; 8.1.2 Pollen sampling and analysis; 8.1.3 Results; 8.1.4 Discussion; 8.1.5 In conclusion: the history of the Echoput barrow landscape; 8.2 Niersen-Vaassen; 8.2.1 Site description and sample locations; 8.2.2 Results; 8.2.3 Discussion; 8.3 Ermelo; 8.3.1 Site description and sample locations; 8.3.2 Results; 8.3.3 Discussion. Many of these mounds have been excavated, revealing much about what was buried inside these intriguing monuments.

; 1.1 The academic significance of environmental barrow research; 1.2 The societal significance of environmental barrow research; Environmental research on barrows, an overview so far; 2.1 The vegetation history of the Netherlands in the Holocene; 2.2 Environmental research on barrows; 2.2.1 An overview; 2.2.2 Pollen analyses for dating purposes; 2.2.3 The reconstruction of local vegetation: regional and cultural differences; 2.3 Vegetation reconstructions of the barrow environment: open spaces in the landscape. burial mounds, are amongst the most important of Europe's prehistoric monuments.

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