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Note: The Doctor said that the Angels have the most perfect defense mechanism ever evolved, and I had to ask: Defense from what? -- Doctor Who -- Planned (Sequel-ish to Asking Angel)The Doctor takes his newest companion to see the first race thought to have evolved in the universe--one that was wiped out from a plague before they discovered interstellar travel.What he finds is actually the strange and terrible monster that he ran into on his last encounter with the Weeping Angel, and he has to ask himself, just how many races has this ) -- First Draft Due to their encounter with the strange alien in Japan, The Doctor and Jason find themselves being dragged through time by Kenshin Himura and end up on a strange desert planet, having to confront the intelligent Earth-based life forms that are not human.So why is it that with no one to stop him from accomplishing his -- Merlin x Rurouni Kenshin -- First draft Merlin just wanted to test his limits; find his magical boundaries.He didn't realize doing so would throw him across time and space, nor that he would end up in the middle of a country torn by war--one that does not tolerate outsiders--with no known way back -- Star Wars -- Idea My rendition of what could have happened before 'A New Hope'.

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This will be my rendition of what could have happened. This time, he's a miser who hates the world of both the living and the dead.EPIC rewrite, Extremely AU (as in changing some of the ideas, a lot of the history and a bunch of the culture). -- Star Wars -- Idea Allanah Tel Ka has lived to see the Galaxy fall into chaos.