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14-Nov-2017 11:05

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God bless all for giving us excellent entertainment! there are those who are "bad" but in the end, they alk turned over a new the arrogant and spoilt hyo sang(HAH!!

) suddenly turned into such a docile little lamb under sam do's constant so cute when he told his wife that he loves sewing nowadays(ji yeon's face is priceless) ..

Park Jun-Keum is a scene stealer and cracked me up as the mother. Although there were the standard annoying characters - especially the mothers who thought they knew best and tried to impose their will on everyone and the annoying villain - the actors were wonderful (with the exception of the two foreigners, who must have been cast because of their appearance but not because of any acting skills. Anyway, I will miss this show, which I binge-watched over the course of a week.

Why would they cast someone with a Scandinavian accent and a Scandinavian physiognomy to play the Italian ambassador?!! The ending, in particular, was very well done, I thought. I watched it faithfully for all 27 weeks all the way to the end.

in back to back episodes directors majorly goofed up, and placed cast on his right arm in one episode and then on left arm in the next episode and then back to right arm?

it made me laugh, cry & a combination of so many things!

She always played an evil character in dramas I've watched before but here she was so lovably dramatic and fun! Wonderful story, amazing cast and altogether really awesome production! The reasons why they do all bad things are explained very well.

I can't believe near the end of the drama, I can forgive all the villains even love them more than the protagonists. Best couple for me : Maknae's couple Best villain for me : Hong Gi-pyo Best character for me : Min Hyo-sang Anyone notice early in season when Kang Tae-Yang broke his arm...

crews i can't get over it & wished this was extended to 100 episodes! i'm having the withdrawal angst about this but the one good news is that the lead actors LDG & JYH are dating in real life!

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We congratulate you both & have a long lasting relationship!

It was recently featured on our OMNI network broadcast here earlier in the year, must have gotten picked up from the high ratings in SK as mentioned in these posts.