Sex cameras with no sign ups

26-Jul-2017 00:21

Five months later, he violently clubbed a 15-year-old with a flashlight.

Faulty security cameras: Going back at least 15 years, administrators have been told repeatedly and emphatically that aging, faulty video cameras undermine the state’s ability to investigate wrongdoing. A 2015 investigation into claims that a teen was knocked out in the shower after a worker “set him up to be jumped” was stymied when the agency discovered that a combined 135 seconds of video had vanished — from two separate cameras.

More of the boys jumped in, punching and slamming him over and over, then pile-driving his 135-pound body. When Elord rose from the 68-second thrashing — every kick and punch meted out in front of a surveillance camera — he was too angry to know his own hurt.

One called it an “A-town Stomp,” and demonstrated to detectives by jumping on the floor with both feet. He said all he wanted was to kill the boys who had brutalized him.

Thirty hours later, Elord was the one dead, the result of internal bleeding from that mauling, which two of the youths said was instigated by a detention officer.

Elord Revolte’s death evokes many of the dark secrets of Florida’s troubled juvenile justice system, including incompetent supervision, questionable healthcare, willfully blind internal investigations and spasms of staff-induced violence, sometimes bought for the price of a pastry.Police Chief Carl Scalzo said like all cities, Easton isn't without crime or problems but credits community policing and a crackdown on drugs and drug dealers for helping to reduce the crime rate.