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Dating back to the 9th century, historians believe that Persian horseback riders were the innovators of the first high heeled shoes.

Although lower heels were more popular in the 1960s and early 1970s, contemporary high heels made a come back in the 1990s and are here to stay.

Just start the game (with SKSE) and notice how female NPCs are walking around you. Fix the female mannequin issue, and player "No Sexy Move (use default)". Made Sexy Coins invisible, and removed their scripts.2015/12/01 V6.1 . Fixed several bugs (animation refresh after load, NPC move assignment via dialog, no initializing during Skyrim intro)2017/12/27 V7.1 . Added 360 functionality for female players, animation reset on player race changes ___________________________________________________________________________________My special thanks go to xp32, dragonfly1024, gekkou1992, and Edoin/rickyrickylo, who gave me permission to include their great animation.

And your player character, if you are female in 3rd person. Added: 2 options, check for FNIS generation, "no sexy children" 2014/06/19 V1.2 . Fixed game start bugs that caused several MCM issues, possible CTD on walk #6 assignment, and other minor fixes and improvements 2015/11/01 V6.0 .

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