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30-Jul-2017 22:23

It was the beginning of a foolhardy romance that resulted, just six months later, in marriage and the beginning of a new life in Sri Lanka for Diane but ultimately — perhaps inevitably — turned to disaster.

For not only was life as Mrs De Zoysa a world away from the paradise she anticipated, but her young husband was shot dead last month after becoming embroiled in a suspected mafia-style gang killing.‘It hasn’t been the life I thought it would be,’ is how Diane, somewhat understatedly, put it to me this week.

Certainly, the Shirley Valentine nightmare that became global news this week has left many wondering how on earth the British pensioner allowed herself to get into such a desperate situation in the first place.

But, as Diane explains to me from the home she once shared with her husband, the path of true love is, more often than not, a bumpy one.‘If there was a chance at happiness, I was going to take it,’ she says.

She also gave him the cash to buy a £31,000 Hyundai minibus so that he could set himself up as a taxi driver.

Soon after purchasing it, she paid out another £350 for repairs, and her husband also asked for cash to fit additional seats in the back, as well as insurance.

But a week or so after returning to Scotland, she picked up her ringing mobile to hear a voice saying: ‘Hello Madam, remember me? ‘He said he wanted to check that I’d got home all right.

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And then there was Priyanjana, her charming room boy, just 20 years old at the time, who always addressed her politely as ‘Madam’.

‘We had a good sex life back then.’She returned again to Sri Lanka in November 2012, this time dressing up for a set of ‘official’ wedding photographs.