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If there are other perfumes with the same type of opening, please let me know. Some fragrances are not ment to be categorized in the ususal way as male, female, orinental, aquatic and whatnot.

I still miss the very masculine scent, or opening, like if you just had been in a garage and repaired cars for hours.

I have a bottle of Black, with the On/Off cap that does not come off. But even pre-2009, I still find this lacking in potency/sillage and the lasting power is okay- but light. I read the fragrantica reviews and ratings before purchasing and thought it would be a great blind buy. At first I did catch all the top notes but they went away pretty quickly, withing 5-10 minutes.

Whoever attended a, say, Formula one, event knows the smell of burned rubber and hot asphalt, mixed with the smell of gasoline and sweet beverages and feminine parfumes.

Black is a concept fragrance, it plays to the limited crowd who like the smell of rubber and it wants to evoke a racing track feel.

As its smokey, rubbery and woody notes implie, Black is created for a man living a metropolitan life. It starts with a smoky black tea, in this case lapsang souchong, urban and masculine, simulating rubber, car tires, cars, roads and motor noise while the notes of amber and woody notes remind that even the largest cities hide romantic moments at sunsets. Leather, rubber, amber, musk underlined with awesome vanilla. What I get is this clean, powdery vibe that I enjoy very much. Or perhaps it's because I've only given this a chance on Casual Fridays, when a carefully chosen outfit can't elevate the notes and evoke a certain mood. I am laughing at the rubber tire "scent" I do not pick up on, thankfully.

I know it sounds as a weird combination, but it works so well together. I was able to get a whiff of the rubber, but I found it very understated. I'm going to give this one time to reveal itself to me, but for now it's just "nice." This is NOT that similar to Midnight in Paris. I used six sprays..wrist, back & front of my neck, chest and front of my shirt. The bottle may look like a tire, but to me, does not smell like all, thank goodness!! My blind purchased bottle arrived today and I applied a little spray on my wrist to test it out over what I was already wearing (Prada Sport).

The grandaddy of this kind is Dior's Fahrenheit, which was an avantgarde thing, concentrated on the idea of burning petrol, flame and finally smoldering ashes.