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First is 'Duplex' mode where the tank can come under fire in two or more directions simultaneously and defeat different types of threats all at the same time.

Second, the interceptor can be RE-loaded from with-in side the tank without exposing any of the crew to hostile fire.

However, with the giant largesse of billions of defense dollars in the 2012 TEFEN plan that Lead Time is expected to be 'Halved.' FYI The new BAZ suite includes four sensors - radar, friend or foe identification system (IFF), Electronic Support Measures electronic intelligence (ESM/ELINT) and Elta II, Tracking Incoming projectiles / Communications Intelligence (CSM/COMINT) systems.

All sensors are fed through a unique fusion technique, providing continuous cross-correlation of targets generated by all sensors, allowing automated system-wide tracks of targets detected by each sensor.

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It was decided they would finally include an APS defensive shield that had been work on for ten years, first by IMI and then by Rafael.

IAI Iron Fist has arrived on scene and Rafael now has a whole family of APS developments.

Some for older tanks like the Mark IV's from 1999 through 2006, for export countries, for production line Merkavas now coming off the assembly line with an integrated system and a mark II improve system that's even Lighter weight for smaller front line combat vehicles and trucks.

These measures were all brought about from 2006 Lebanon war findings.

Parallel Production is to be started in 2009 for Trophy kit is added on to the existing vehicle and does include the newer Trophy II modifications described above.IAI would also join in when they were ask to provide the radar sensors by their ELTA division.

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